Pediatric urology is a surgical subspecialty which deals with the disorders of children's genitourinary systems. Pediatric urologists are surgeons who provide this care for both boys and girls ranging from birth to early adult age. The most common problems are those involving disorders of urination, reproductive organs and testes. Off late a major portion of pediatric urology as in west in our country involves treatment of bladder dysfunction either acquired (bowel bladder dysfunction). Or congenital (neurogenic). Bladder dysfunction results in child being always wet in there diapers or underpants that greatly affects his/her quality of life and confidence. It is my endeavor in helping such children achieve dryness. Chronic constipation also accompanies bladder dysfunction frequently. As a specialist in pediatric and adolescent urology, I provide surgical and medical care for all genito-urinary conditions.

Mission statement - My mission is to provide personalized standard of care tailored to your child and family. I believe in working together as a team with parents and the child in providing treatment to your child in a safe and comfortable manner. We provide minimally invasive treatment with advanced laparoscopic and endourology options in our armamentarium. Also we provide reconstructive urology surgeries like hypospadias. I believe in a trustworthy relationship with communication forming the basic critical step in resolving a disorder particularly chronic conditions. Thus guiding you, your child and family through the treatment as comfortably as possible because I know that taking your child to a specialist is overwhelming and anxiety provoking. I look forward to earn your trust which you deserve to have in the specialist taking care of your child.


Disclaimer - This website in its above pages provide a great deal of urological information which forms a commitment on our part in patient care. All the information provided is based on a thorough and careful review of the current medical literature. It has been made in such a way that a layman can understand various medical conditions (jargon) and you can understand your child urological condition. It is not meant to contradict any information that you may receive from another care provider. I would like to request you to remember that each diagnosis effects each individual uniquely and the information contained herein has been generalized to provide a brief overview. If you have any questions about the information above or your child's care, Please contact Dr Balagopal Nair T.